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UML 2.0 specifications
  Oct 5, 2003
With the upcoming UML 2.0 specifications due from the OMG, some time ago it was felt that the continuing development of Dachshund for UML 1.4 was perhaps a bit of a waste of effort: by the time Dachshund would at least be useful, UML 1.x would be 'last years standard'.

Not all the UML and MOF 2 specifications have been finalized yet, so don't expect much 'visible' activity on this project for a while: behind the 'scenes' though there is certainly much scratching of heads: 1 in England and 2 in Australia!

Version 0.1.0 Released Sep 6, 2002
Dachshund 0.1.0 is released. This is the first public release of Dachshund. It is a developer's release and cannot be used for real work yet. Source and binaries (RPMS) are available from here

Major Development Push Sept 04, 2002
Dave and Greg from Adelaide in South Australia have been doing lots of work to get a basic working tool. Dave has restructured the code generator, created a simple interface into the model (called to reflective interface) and implemented a diagramming interface (ripped off from the ArgoUML boys). And many late nights reading the OMG UML 1.3 tome.

Greg has been reading up on Python embedding and extending, and incorporated a Python interpreter into the tool to allow local curtomisation and extension to be done in the Python language.

We are working toward a release of the tool incorporating the basic document and diagramming functionality to give everyone a taste of where we are headed.

July Update Jul 24, 2002
Things have been pretty quiet on the surface, but we've been hacking like angry beavers in our spare time. Dachshund is starting to come together, those lengthy design discussions were worth it :^)

Dachshund is not suitable for users (yet) but developers should check out what's in CVS and possibly get involved. An official developers release is planned for the very near future. Email daveb_AT_acres_NOSPAM_com_au if you have problems building the pup, and stay tuned for more...

New CVS Module Oct 03, 2001
Dachshund development will continue in the CVS module named "dachshund2". Dachshund has been completely redesigned and restructured, hence a clean break from the previous (now dead) module "dachshund".

Website Uploaded Oct 03, 2001
I finally got around to doing a website for this project. Two hours ago I didn't know what a Cascading Style Sheet was... You are looking at the result. It is still under construction, so stay tuned.

The wiener dog logo is just to get us going, just a few brush strokes in The GIMP. Hopefully we can find something better soon.

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